Portugal Pet Relocation


Every pet move is a little different, but we devote the same knowledge and care to each and every relocation.

We carry out all procedures for shipment of animals abroad

From the preliminary study of the route, related costs, all bureaucratic formalities and customs clearance, issuing and controlling all documentation, to final destination, including hospitality in the destination country . Throughout the shipping process, our staff will keep you constantly updated.

Each kind of pet has its own set of needs, as well, and the differences between owning a dog versus a rabbit are only highlighted further when shipping animals overseas. Specifically, when sending animals such as turtles, iguanas or other exotic animals, an appropriate animal transport service can help ensure that you and your friend are prepared for an international relocation.

É a primeira vez que vai transportar o seu animal de estimação? Está preocupado? Não se preocupe, estamos aqui para si! Unimos famílias desde 2013 e o nosso foco é tornar esta jornada numa viagem tranquila, transmitindo profissionalismo e segurança.

Dispomos de Soluções à medida de cada cliente.

Transportamos desde Caturras a Papagaios, de Gatos a Cães, transportamos todas as espécies de animais de estimação desde que seja assegurada a sua saúde e que o transporte seja viável.

Door-to-door Services

From Origin to Destination, whether from Lisbon to Brazil, from Porto to the United States of America, from the Algarve to the United Arab Emirates, Dubai and the entire Asian continent, we are here for you! We take care of the entire documental, customs, transport and delivery process.

Each type of pet also has its own set of needs​

The differences between having a dog and a rabbit are highlighted when sending animals abroad. Specifically, when shipping animals like turtles, iguanas or other exotic animals, a suitable animal transport service can help ensure that you and your friend are prepared for an international transfer.

Our experience and attention to detail make all the difference.

From health certificates to import permits, customs documents to air waybills, we will work with you, your vet, and the necessary authorities to finalize all documentation needed to successfully transport your pet.

Key Benefits

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