Portugal Pet Relocation


With our animal transport services you are guaranteed that your companion will be transported safely and that you will arrive in good health.

We carry out all procedures for shipment of animals abroad

From the preliminary study of the route, related costs, all bureaucratic formalities and customs clearance, issuing and controlling all documentation, to final destination, including hospitality in the destination country . Throughout the shipping process, our staff will keep you constantly updated.

We will work together and gather all the details, so we can explore the best routing options and look into any possible challenges we’ll need to overcome. This will give us an idea of costs at this point, so we can estimate a price based on this information.

Is this your first time transporting your pet? Is worried? Don't worry, we are here for you! We have been bringing families together since 2013 and our focus is to make this journey a smooth journey, conveying professionalism and safety. ​

Dispomos de Soluções à medida de cada cliente.

We transport from cockatiels to parrots, from cats to dogs, we transport all kinds of pets as long as their health is ensured and the transport is feasible.

Door-to-Door Service​

From Origin to Destination, whether from Lisbon to Brazil, from Porto to the United States of America, from the Algarve to the United Arab Emirates, Dubai and the entire Asian continent, we are here for you! We take care of the entire documental, customs, transport and delivery process.

Our experience and attention to detail make all the difference

From health certificates to import permits, customs documents to air waybills, we will work with you, your vet, and the necessary authorities to finalize all documentation needed to successfully transport your pet.

Key Benefits

The shipping of a cat by air is usually a cause for concern, but for us it’s the best way.

Cats are a tremendous challenge when moving them by air. because of their size or temperament. They are quite fragile and it can be tricky if not handled properly. We guarantee that all possible care is taken so that any animal in transit is well taken care of, from the origin to the destination.

We operate with the best airline companies and makes use of serious and qualified partners, whose only priority is the animal’s well-being. In accordance with IATA regulations, at the client’s request, we provide pet crates approved by IATA, equipped with all the necessary safety precautions, fundamental for your cat; the dimensions and the characteristics of the pet kennel are very important for the comfort of the “small traveler” during the journey. An important rule to be observed by all animal owners is the one relating to sedatives:

*Do not give any kind of tranquillizers to your cat! It is extremely inadvisable to give tranquillizers to felines during the trip, it could be harmful for their own health.

Receive value for my transport