Every pet move is a little different, but we devote the same knowledge and care to each and every relocation.

We carry out all procedures for shipment of animals abroad: from the preliminary study of the route, related costs, all bureaucratic formalities and customs clearance, issuing and controlling all documentation, to final destination, including hospitality in the destination country . Throughout the shipping process, our staff will keep you constantly updated.

Each kind of pet has its own set of needs, as well, and the differences between owning a dog versus a rabbit are only highlighted further when shipping animals overseas.

Specifically, when sending animals such as turtles, iguanas or other exotic animals, an appropriate animal transport service can help ensure that you and your friend are prepared for an international relocation.

Our experience and attention to detail make all the difference.

From health certificates to import permits, customs documents to air waybills, we will work with you, your vet, and the necessary authorities to finalize all documentation needed to successfully transport your pet.

Key Benefits

  • Experienced and Knowledgeable Staff
  • Worldwide Partners Network
  • Documentary Specialists for all Requirements Worldwide
  • Registered Intermediate Handler for Live Animals
  • Import or Export Shipping Door-To-Door
  • Air & Ground Translocation Services
  • Foreign and Domestic Services

Hiring a professional in animal transport to partner with you throughout the relocation of your pet will ensure that all the nuances of these unique pets’ move are attended to.