With our animal transport services you are guaranteed that your companion will be transported safely and that you will arrive in good health.

We carry out all procedures for shipment of animals abroad: from the preliminary study of the route, related costs, all bureaucratic formalities and customs clearance, issuing and controlling all documentation, to final destination, including hospitality in the destination country . Throughout the shipping process, our staff will keep you constantly updated.

We will work together and gather all the details, so we can explore the best routing options and look into any possible challenges we’ll need to overcome. This will give us an idea of costs at this point, so we can estimate a price based on this information.

Our experience and attention to detail make all the difference. From health certificates to import permits, customs documents to air waybills, we will work with you, your vet, and the necessary authorities to finalize all documentation needed to successfully transport your pet.

In the months prior to your move, discuss your pet’s health with your trusted veterinarian and spend time helping your pet feel comfortable with the travel crate. Especially for dogs and cats, if they see the crate as a safe place, they are likely to experience less stress and anxiety during their trip.

Need help with all the procedures and methods of transporting dogs?

We have the solucion for you!

If you are you moving to another country and don’t know what to do or what the procedures of the shipment of your dogs? Are you worried about the journey and want to make sure that it is taken care of with the maximum comfort?

We are aware of the strong relationship existing between a person and his/her four-legged friend, we handle the shipment of dogs in Europe and worldwide with the maximum care, ensuring reliable and qualified services.

The fact that we are driven by a mission aimed at ensuring the welfare and safety of our furry friends, we operate in full compliance with the regulations of the destination countries and deal with all the technical, bureaucratic and health care aspects required for the shipment of your dog abroad, in order to make sure it arrives safely.

Documents and certificates required

The rules for transporting a dog abroad vary from country to country.
We simplify the whole bureaucratic, complex and diverse process, and organize your entire journey.
We have a team and partners, who love animals, capable of facilitating all this process.

The following basic documentation required:

  • Microchip
  • Vaccines
  • Internal and external deworming.
  • Specific blood tests performed by an accredited laboratory (RNATT)
  • Medical records
  • Export and Import Authorization, which generally have an expiration date

To Know what specific documents do you need please contact us.

Other services for shipping dogs abroad

Sending a dog abroad through a serious and reliable agency like ours is a guarantee. Qualified services, essentially focused on the safety of the animal and, consequently, on reassuring its owner.
In addition to air transfer and the provision of approved kennels, we offer hospitality and accommodation services in destination countries through affiliated pet houses, carefully selected from IPATA members based on strict quality parameters.